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Hebbo is a free online community where you can build rooms, meet new friends and more!

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What is Hebbo?
Hebbo is a free virtual world where you can chat, walk, and meet new friends. It is also possible to create your own virtual room you can then make it custom for you with the floorplan tool. Are you coming? We are waiting for you it's free! : D
Good Tips
Dont give out your password to others, beware of suspicious sites. Keep your personal information private, never tell your real name, phone number, address, or other information in order to prevent problems in the future. Be a smart player, beware of sites that promise free diamonds and other benefits. Do not send photos to strangers, you do not know what can happen with your photographs on the Internet. Never give your Skype, Facebook, Twitter or other social media away. Hebbo wont help if anything happends outside the hotel!